4/11/2012 10:46:46 PM

hey gorgeous, u need a getaway, hash,blow,cash and clean freak awaits one such as you, xoxo
u relax while i cater to you as im due to spoil again, xo



4/18/2012 10:00:18 PM

i will just cut to the chase… i would love to be a millionaire… wouldn’t you… well i think i know how… but it would involve you being a web cam model for a little while… are you interested…? that would be part of it…

i mean i am looking for a girlfriend to share life with and such too… but i really want to live a great life.. and travel the world and such… and not be in debt.. it would be cool to like have a million dollars… what do you think…?


4/18/2012 11:14:58 PM

You’re Bored!! That sucks u should come party!! Where u from Gurl/

Hey Cup-O-Joe69, While your party does look pretty awesome, I need to know… Are we supposed to get coffee before or after the 69?


4/18/2012 1:13:42 AM

i want to squeeze the juice out of you to see how much can you handle or find out your maximum level because i have no limit, i keep it moving. i have this energy inside of me that runs non-stop for 6-8 hours and 12 hours being my record. it was really great but idk how to describe, maybe best sleeping pill ever but without taking any pill lol its like an invisible pill. i find 3-8 hours satifying too. i can understand if you have a time limit. i like to party and dance. the longest i have partied was 22-23 hrs non-stop in 2 days with some friends. the party consisted of 3 different locations. 2 night clubs and then a roof top. it went from club1 = 10pm-1am, club2 = 1am – 11am, rooftop party 12pm – 9pm. i did it all natural. insomia runs in the family. the longest i danced was 6 hours non-stop then i took a break from 6am-9am and went right on till the end, i had a friend who slept for an hour! and got up and joined the dance floor again. another crazy thing i have done was i party 14 days in a row. but it was only @ night 11pm-4-5am while working 5 days in a row and i only got two hours of sleep. my friends who are use to it, i was in training mode. you should keep in mind that i do this once every 1 to 2 months, so this should now make more sense now. the 14 days in a row thing was for new years, but its do-able as long as i preplan something as fun as that so it doesnt interfere with the time i have to dedicate to school. im a bit agressive, i will smack your boobs roughly, squeeze it and other parts too. complement your exotic parts from top to bottom like vitamin a-z. lets get to know each other, and see if theere is a connection. we may end up being good friends or best friends. if we establish some sort of connection that keeps us talking constantly back and forth. this can be a sign of a friend ship that can really prosper into something fun, but crazy-fun. if 2 can carry a story in the beginning, then those two can role play in the end.