Chill Babe

Finding Bemidji

When I first moved to Bemidji, I had the good fortune to meet wonderful folks who showed me the outdoor splendor of Northern Minnesota. That's me, Lisa Seter, in the photo above looking pensive, while perched on a rock as my "Distribution Manager" Michael navigates a narrow rapids on the Upper Mississippi. (photo courtesy of Miles Witmer, 2006)

Even so, I continued to miss out on a lot of scheduled events. Without my new best friends' experience, I would have had to do a lot of research just to find and figure out what lots of Bemidjites take for granted. I'm not from here and I simply couldn't have guessed all the things that were out there for newbies like me.

Kudos to Bemidji's traditional news and radio outlets who all did/do a good job of alerting me to some things in advance, but there was no one-stop-shop with last minute info that I could access anytime and get a full listing of events. Posters hung around town helped a lot, but I still wanted a list that I could put in my pocket or access online.

Hence, the idea for "What's Up, Babe?" was born!

It took a few years to find a digital app where people could upload their events at the last minute or up to a year in advance. I wanted the listings to be available to anyone anywhere online. I wanted to print and distribute a newsletter that people could pick up for free that would highlight "Bemidji and Beyond."

I wanted the community organizers to also benefit so that excellent events wouldn't conflict, if possible. AND I've recently learned that restaurants and taverns are looking back to previous issues to enhance scheduling. WOWEE!

So now that we've done it, Enjoy and Cheers!
Established July 2015